Private classes & Consults

While we highly encourage families to take our group childbirth classes, we know that not everyone can make that work with their schedules. This is why we offer private classes that can be customized for you and your family (and your busy schedule!). These classes are taught by our certified educators, and they are happy to come to your home and share their knowledge with you.

We also offer in-home classes for you to learn more about what to expect in the “fourth trimester,” along with infant care and breast/chest feeding. And we are there for you right after your baby is born with our parent-favorite, “Baby’s Here—Now What?” consult. Our educator will meet you at home after baby is born (or the day you come home from the hospital or birthing center) to help get you off to a great start! And she will be available for help in those important first few weeks after your birth to answer all your questions.

Andrea Hewitt also provides private consults to expecting parents on a wide variety of topics—from helping create your birth vision to choosing a care provider to planning for a successful VBAC and more. Her fee for consults is $75/hour (contact her below for more info).


Private Series Childbirth Class

This two-class session (total: 4 hours) class gives you the highlights of our 5-week group class, and it can be customized to your needs. Topics we usually cover: stages of labor, comfort measures, informed decision-making, the role of the partner, dealing with unexpected situations, and more. This class is perfect for first-time parents or experienced parents who want to dive deeper into certain topics.
Class Fee: $300


Private Series Childbirth Refresher Class

This 2-hour class is designed to meet the needs of experienced parents who simply want to review comfort measures, create a birth vision plan & process prior birth experiences. We can customize this class to your needs, as well. Just let us know what areas you want to focus on!

This class is not suitable for first-time parents—we strongly encourage you to take our group class or the 4-hour private class instead.
Class Fee: $200


4th Trimester Prep Class plus Prenatal Lactation

If you're new to parenting or simply want a refresher course, our 4th Trimester Prep class will have you feeling prepared & confident for life with your new baby! Taught by Jamina Carder, experienced postpartum doula & lactation educator, this 3 1/2 hour class that takes place in your home will introduce you to the concept of a “fourth trimester” and what it means for your baby/babies and for parents, too.

Jamina will cover the following topics in this informative class:

  • What to expect from your baby in the 4th trimester

  • Learn the 5 S’s of infant soothing from the popular “Happiest Baby on the Block” book

  • Practice newborn care, including burping methods and diapering

  • Learn about infant massage techniques for soothing bedtimes and gassy bellies

  • Make a care plan for you after birth—suggestions for a successful first 6 weeks postpartum including hydrotherapy for healing

  • Learn Dunstan Baby Language— how to distinguish your baby’s needs by listening to the “pre-cry”

  • Overview of baby wearing—demo several carriers, and discuss best practices & local support options

  • Discuss how to handle out-of-town guests & visitors in your postpartum period

  • Talk about “filling your cup”— an exercise for you and your partner to do to help set you up for good self care once baby arrives

  • Do a home set-up and gear review—Review nursing and changing stations, and make sure they are set up properly / go over safe sleep options for baby / assess gear and help you establish what you really need on hand when baby arrives

  • Review breastfeeding/bottlefeeding basics and set yourself up for success

Class Fee: $250


Baby’s Here…Now What?

You are finally home with your new brand new baby/babies. Now what? 

No worries! We’ve got you covered with professional support in those crucial first few days at home. Jamina Carder, experienced postpartum doula and lactation educator, will have you feeling confident and competent, even if you’ve never changed a diaper before.

Our support in the immediate postpartum starts with a 2 hour visit in your home within the first 3-5 days postpartum, ideally during a feeding session. At this visit, Jamina will go over:

  • breastfeeding/chestfeeding & bottle feeding basics— positioning and props, what to look for in breast/chest and baby, ways to support milk supply, review pumping and bottles

  • newborn care and soothing techniques—learn & practice the 5 S’s from The Happiest Baby on the Block, master the swaddle, review burping positions and diapering, go over baby wearing techniques.

  • postpartum care: hydrotherapy & sitz baths

  • system set ups: diaper changing station & nursing station set-up

  • help guide partner as to how they can best support birthing person and baby/babies

  • provide a second set of eyes on baby to make sure all is well

  • review your baby gear & help you decide what is helpful to have on hand

  • help establish safe sleep options for baby and discuss a 24 hr game plan to create loose structure for the day & night

  • Jamina is available for text and phone call support follow up for 2 weeks after her visit with you

Consult fee: $200


Lactation Support

Have a question about breastfeeding or need to troubleshoot for a lactation issue? Our lactation educator, Jamina Carder, offers a 30 minute phone call to give lactation & feeding help to families in the fourth trimester. The phone call can also be a FaceTime session so that she can see what’s going on. Get the peace of mind from having a trained educator on your side for those important issues that arise!

Fee for phone call (audio only or FaceTime): $30 for 30 minutes