Did you know that your water can break at any point in labor? It can happen before labor starts, during labor itself, or your baby can be born with the waters intact (called being born “en caul”). 

If we look at births on TV or in the movies, virtually 100% start with the water breaking. But that does not mirror reality! Research tells us that only about 8-10% of people (about 1 in 10) will have their waters break before labor starts. 

Many people report that they notice a difference in the strength of their contractions after the water breaks. In many cases, the water has been acting as a cushion for baby’s head, and with it gone, now the baby’s head is directly on your cervix. This is a good thing and helps your labor progress!

Did you notice a difference in your contractions before & after your water broke? Were you in the 10% of people whose labor started with waters breaking? Was your baby born “en caul?” Let me know in the comments!