My number one suggestion for my clients in early labor? R • E • S • T & IGNORE!

It’s the opposite of what you want to do, I know! “OMG, I’ve been waiting for labor to start FOREVER! Let’s start doing All The Things!” I get it. Really, I do!

Seriously, here are the facts to support this advice:

  1. Early labor is the most variable part of labor, and can last hours or days. Yes, days. So, saving up your energy is KEY to getting through this part of labor. 
  2. Like preparing for an endurance event, going out too hard & fast will trip you up later on when you need that energy for the super physical stages like pushing. Pace yourself well and it will pay off in the end!
  3. Distraction with an easy labor project like making a freezer meal for your postpartum time, or watching your favorite show on Netflix can help you to ignore your early labor until it becomes active. When you can no longer rest & ignore, THAT’S when it’s time to start your labor coping & comfort measures!

What did your early labor look like? Did you rest & ignore, or did you do something different? Let us know in the comments!