"Andrea brought confidence, reassurance, an incredible depth of knowledge, and unbridled compassion to our birth experience. As first time parents, my husband and I knew we wanted someone to coach us through this amazing but scary process, to keep us calm during the rough moments, and to remind me—the mom–that I was strong enough to keep going. Whether you're seeking a completely natural, partially medicated or fully medicated birth, a doula is 100% worth the investment, and I can't recommend Andrea highly enough. We felt at ease from the moment we met her, were immensely relieved to see her when it was "go time", and so fortunate that she helped usher our beautiful son into this world."
--Lesley, mother of 1

"We first met Andrea through a child birth class at Blooma Nashville and we were instantly drawn to how comfortable she made us feel, how she respected our desires in our birth plan and how encouraging and positive she was. Andrea was very available throughout my pregnancy by answering any questions I had and she really helped us formulate what was important to us for our birth and what we wanted. Having a doula was the best decision of my birth plan because not only was Andrea a great resource for us but it was so comforting to have her with us during our birth. She was especially a great support and resource to my husband as we chose to do a lot of my labor at home. As with most birth plans, my plan deviated and Andrea assured me and encouraged us the entire time that we were making the right decisions for us and for our baby. Andrea has such a warm, genuine personality and I was so thankful to have her with us during my birth as an encouraging and calming voice. With her and my husband together, I truly felt that I had a supportive team in the hospital and would highly recommend Andrea as a doula!"
--Maryann, mother of 1

"Gosh, I love Andrea. I had a loong, sloow labor and home birth transfer and she stuck with us every step of the way, from walking the neighborhood with us, to rebozo sifting, to sleeping in an upright chair in the hospital. She brought such a calm, positive energy to the whole experience. Right from the get go she was willing to do whatever to help... or not. She came equipped with a book to read should we feel the need for space, but we honestly never did. My husband felt so much more at ease having Andrea with us, especially since things didn't go as planned (do they ever?). We really cannot recommend Andrea enough!"
--Susan, mother of 1

"Andrea was absolutely phenomenal. Not only was she able to help me overcome all the anxiety that I had pre-delivery  but she was also able to completely reassure me and keep me calm and support me during the labor itself. You would think that as the woman you would be the main person benefiting from the Doula...  I had found that my husband benefited just as much from her as I did.  She was able to make sure that my husband was able to take meal breaks and get some extra energy that he needed to help me throughout my delivery. Having your husband there and supportive and having the energy to help you when you feel like you have no energy left is priceless. And without Andrea this would not have been accomplished. We were very thankful to have the support and the reassurance and someone there to answer our questions throughout a process that would normally be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. We highly recommend Andrea. I know that if we choose to have a second child we will definitely be calling her again."
--Bre, mother of 1

"Andrea was everything I ever wanted in a doula! She was down to earth, warm, and friendly. She utilized techniques and made suggestions that increased my comfort tremendously during labor. She was great with my strong willed toddler and really helped me feel at ease. She was excellent at reading my queues to determine when I needed more support and when I could use some privacy, without me even having to say anything. She respectfully followed my lead while validating the fact that my labor was progressing just as it should and I was following my instincts well. I am thankful to have had someone so knowledgeable with such a strong passion to serve women at my birth!"
--Jessica, mother of 3

"We met Andrea at Blooma one night when we were thinking about hiring a doula. My husband immediately really liked her (and so did I, but I wanted to be sure he connected with whoever we chose since he'd be the most coherent one), so we decided to meet with her privately and ultimately hired her! She was so great with us, answering our questions, and helping me when we found out our baby was breech and I had to get a version. The day I went into labor she was there through the thick of it, all 30+ hours, up until we ultimately went in for a c-section. I had planned on going med-free, but unfortunately you just don't know how your labor is going to go until you get there. She was so supportive of any decisions we made, and I know we both stayed a lot more calm with her there with us. If you are in the market for a doula, you really can't get any better than Andrea. She's so down to earth and a great comfort to have in the delivery room. We highly highly recommend her!"
--Sarah, mother of 1

"I 100% loved my experience with Andrea.  She is exactly the doula that I needed. I was totally certain I was going to get an epidural, but I was still very nervous about birth. Andrea was completely supportive and available during my pregnancy. Andrea is also the only reason we made it to the hospital on time.  I had a very fast labor.  My water never broke.  She helped me realize I was in VERY active labor and get to the hospital.  I was in transition and complete when I arrived, and ended up not being able to get an epidural. Needless to say, Andrea helped me to navigate one of the worst moments of my life. Andrea is professional, respectful, funny, full of information, and a fantastic birth partner.  She is there and ready to help you in all eventualities.  My partner is so thankful that she was there to support him! We love Andrea, and she is the best we could have possibly selected.  I will be asking her to be at any future births for sure!"
--Rachel, mother of 1

"After having an unfortunate experience with the birth of our firstborn, my husband and I knew we needed a doula on our side. Andrea was great. We had exactly the birth experience we wanted. She knew breastfeeding was very important to me and stayed after the birth to make sure the breastfeeding relationship was established. Andrea was also a great resource pre-and-post birth, hooking us up with an amazing lactation consultant. My doctor even commented on how great our doula was! I highly recommend Andrea. She's someone you want on your side during childbirth."
--Lauren, mother of 2

"I have three children and Andrea was my doula for my first. I would have used her again but sadly for me, she had moved out of state. She was so nurturing, and knowledgeable, ensuring that my intentions and my birth plan were clear. Being this was my first, I had no idea what to really expect. She helped me prepare before the birth with exercises and information which helped get my body ready and my mind at ease. During labor, she was absolutely fantastic with handling the Dr. and pushy nurses. I didn't realize how much I needed her until I NEEDED her! She was an amazing advocate for my needs even though my labor didn't exactly go as I had wished. I had a very difficult 18 1/2 hours of induced labor and she was there for me and my husband every moment of the way. Thank you Andrea!"
--Heidi, mother of 3

"Andrea was our doula for our 4th child's birth--our 3rd VBAC--and we really enjoyed having her with us. She was a positive person to have at a birth, very encouraging and calm-and just plain good company during labor stalls. She has a heart for birthing women, plus her own valuable personal birth experiences. She is very respectful of women's choices; I highly recommend her as a doula!"
--Melissa, mother of 9

"You might ask, why would you need a doula for a planned c-section? But here is what Andrea did for me and my baby: When I got to the hospital, Andrea made sure that the anesthesiologist came to talk to me and understood and agreed to my preferences for medication. She sat with us and helped me stay calm before surgery. As soon as I came out of the OR (my husband had gone to the nursery with baby), Andrea was there to comfort me while at the same time empowering me to politely but effectively press the staff to bring the baby down to me quickly. Good thing, too, as she helped me establish a successful nursing relationship with the baby, important because baby then slept for 24 hours! We got off to a good start thanks to my doula! But most of all, Andrea's combination of knowledge about birth, respect for all the parties, and real caring for our family helped me have an amazing birth experience despite it being a c-section. Thank you, Andrea!"
--Osie, mother of 4